About us

Rankfasta is an SEO marketing company which is located in Nigeria. It was founded by Lawrence Ozeh in the year, 2021.

Rankfasta was initially named Nelotech in 2021. Nelotech was an agency that handled web design, paid digital advertising, social media management and SEO. After a year, Nelotech was rebranded to Rankfasta to focus solely on Search Engine Optimization.

The best SEO or marketing strategies can make any business very profitable. Rankfasta is the company where these marketing ideas and strategies take shape, take off and spark profitable business results.

We’re an open SEO marketing platform that is the hotspot where business owners come to benefit from insightful and dynamic execution of SEO and marketing strategies.

At Rankfasta, nerds and experts collaborate in doing SEO and marketing in order to give life to mind-blowing ideas in the entrepreneurial world. Our purpose is to be the foothold from which these impactful ideas and strategies gain the ground and speed to become fruitful and bring revenue to businesses that hired us.

We also have a blog that serves as a new model for tech journalism in the digital marketing industry. One that supports creative research, revolutionary thinking, and vital storytelling without giving in to the incentives of mediocrity.

It’s an awesome environment that’s accessible to all entrepreneurs and creators but high values substance and authenticity. And it’s a platform that fosters deeper connections forged between everyone working in the tech industry, thereby leading to discovery and career growth. Together with collaborators all over the world, we’re laying the foundation of a trusted and vibrant digital marketing ecosystem fueled by important ideas and the amazing people who think about them.