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  1. Profiles
Knowing how to get a Google knowledge panel can make you stand out from your business competitors. That’s because it gives you a special featured listing on Google search results. Getting verified on Google through the knowledge panel is important because it increases your credibility and provides useful information to people who wants to know you. For example, this one about Lawrence Ozeh, I made this panel for […]
  1. SEO
What SEO means? Search engine optimization is the science of increasing a website’s visibility when customers look for products or services (SEO). A website’s search engine visibility enhances the likelihood that a brand will draw customers. A common metric for assessing website visibility is its placement or rating on search engine results pages (SERPs). Businesses […]
  1. Profiles
  2. Programming
Your website’s search engine rankings may be improved by adding schema markup. However, this may seem like a difficult undertaking if you have little to no expertise with coding (or none at all). Thankfully, we’ve created a schema markup SEO tutorial to make it easier for you to get started and avoid being overwhelmed. We’ll […]
  1. Entrepreneurship
Being an entrepreneur is extremely difficult. To start your project, you must have the courage to do so. You aspire to provide the world with something that people will want. Small business launches aren’t always successful. I commend you for taking the chance to attempt to make it work against the odds, though. You can […]
  1. Entrepreneurship
Organic search accounts for 53% of all website traffic, and 60% of B2B SaaS marketers claimed that SEO produced more leads than any other marketing strategy. Even though SEO represents a small portion of the majority of companies’ overall marketing budgets, it has built multibillion dollar companies like NerdWallet nearly entirely on its own. This […]
  1. Editorials
The success of your website marketing hinges on optimizing it to be quick, useful, and user-friendly because websites have many moving elements. Technical SEO, a branch of search engine optimization that focuses on improving your website’s infrastructure, is one such element. Technical SEO is crucial since it essentially guarantees that your website is user-friendly and […]

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